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We are proud of Michigan Department of Transportation's success in use of their fleet of SONAR EMILYs.

The American Society of Civil Engineers recently recognized Michigan Department of Transportation's use of Sonar EMILY on their list of 13 "2021 Infrastructure Gamechangers."

In an article by Michigan Department of Transportation, they wrote:


''Even while water levels were still on the rise in the flooded areas, we were able to get EMILY in the water to determine if scour was getting worse in some locations,'' said MDOT Bay Region Bridge Engineer Paul Schiefer. ''After water levels stabilized, we were able to use the system again to confirm again that there were no scour issues that needed to be addressed before opening a bridge to traffic.''

''EMILY is a great asset for MDOT,'' Schiefer said. ''During the flood response, it allowed us to monitor bridge conditions without putting a diver in a potentially dangerous situation.''

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