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Technical Publications

| University of Maryland Links Drone and Robotic Boat in Communication Network | Maryland Transportation Institute

| NIX USV platform for precision track and trail of UUV Platforms

NIX USV platform for precision track and trail of UUV Platforms.pdf

| Disaster Robotics - Robin Murphy - Google Books

| The Essential Interview: Rescue Robots Developer Robin Murphy - Robotics Business Review

| Potential Fields Navigation of Lifeguard Assistant Robot for Mass Marine Casualty Response

| Safety and Security Applications for Micro-Unmanned Surface Vessels

| Unmanned Surface Vessels for Bridge Scour Monitoring

| Robots Versus the Killer Glacier - War Is Boring - Medium

| Control of Tactical-Scale, Micro-Unmanned Surface Vehicles (USVs)

| Robot-assisted search and rescue conducts joint training exercise with Italian Coast Guard | Robohub

| Visual Servoing of Unmanned Surface Vehicle from Small Tethered Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

| UVA Assisted USV Visual Navigation for Marine Mass Casualty Incident Response


| Visual Pose Estimation of Rescue Unmanned Surface Vehicle From Unmanned Aerial System

| SSRR-2016, International symposium on Safety, Security and Rescue Robotics



| Water Rescue Robots - Science Nation | National Science Foundation

| The Tropical Cyclone Experimental Program Unmanned Surface Systems

| Remote-controlled vessel provides safe and accurate inspection for bridge scour

| Inexpensive Sonars Changing the Game for Rapid Detection of Bridge Scouring

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