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Hydronalix performs advanced technology research, development and integration contracts for the U.S. Navy in a wide variety of advanced small and micro sized unmanned surface vehicles. The company also performs research and development work for both Defense Advanced Research Project Agency (DARPA) and Domestic Preparedness  Support Initiative (DPSI).

Hydronalix offers its platforms to both U.S. and allied military organizations throughout the world. The company also provides training and operations support as needed.

With nearly 800 systems in service our products have proven reliability and mission readiness.  Our system designs utilize state-of-the-art advanced composite and ceramic materials to tackle the harshest environments and extreme conditions. The energy efficient propulsion systems allow long duration missions with high dash speeds. All of our systems are light-weight and rugged making them expeditionary in nature allowing them to be first on scene with minimal footprint.

All our systems are man-portable and designed for easy operations, field maintenance, service, and repair. 

The company has extensive experience with integrating the most advanced sensors and communication payloads available. The company also has a proven track record for custom platform design and fabrication. 

BALTOPS 50 Site For Experimental Mine Hunting Equipment

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