Frequently asked questions

Has an EMILY boat ever really saved a life?

Yes. EMILYs are used in rescues all around the world. There is an example of one of these rescues in the link below: https://www.kgw.com/amp/article/news/local/north-coast/three-swimmers-rescued-after-rip-current-pulls-them-out-to-sea-at-rockaway-beach/283-e4aa759f-bfbf-4693-b955-ae3031f96bcd

Where are EMILYs sold?

EMILY boats, our complete product line which includes Beach EMILY, Swift Water EMILY, Sonar EMILY, Police EMILY, and SPEEDoo are sold all over the world.

How long will the batteries last?

Our batteries typically last up to three years. We recommend after three years all batteries be replaced.