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Facilities include engineering, machining, rapid prototyping, fabrication shop, with a large area 4 axis CNC milling center, family of 3D printers ranging up 16 cubic feet, large area vacuum forming equipment, small precision 5 axis milling center, CNC large format hot wire foam cutting machine, computer automated industrial sewing machines, laser cutting machines, industrial CNC sewing machines, various saws, mills, drill presses, powered screw driving machines, battery welding stations, and soldiering stations. This facility additionally has urethane rubber component prototyping, automated circuit board population electronics assembly equipment, ESD electronics sub-assembly facility, harness assembly, QC testing laboratory, hull laminating and composites fabrication, foam fabrication shop, assembly space, packaging, prototype fabricate and textile facilities with industrial sewing machines and one computer automated machine, and indoor and outdoor test tank facilities.

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